Software Training Methodology

Our Software Training Methodology

At the heart of Naresh i Technologies is our commitment to ensuring that all our courses are practical, highly interactive and action-oriented, and our training methodology reflects this.
Our training methodologies are designed to inculcate the traits through

  • Knowledge-based Learning – theory sessions.
  • On-Job Learning– lab sessions.
  • Awareness Generating– industry interactions.
  • Self-learning –Training Materials & POCs.

Knowledge-based Learning through our theory sessions:

Our knowledge-based theory sessions are focused on factual learning. The methods are lectures, demonstrations etc. Our primary focus is on helping students to acquire practical knowledge, based on industry standards.
At first, we elaborately explain the required concepts, give a summation, and present the facts and information, using handouts to reinforce the concept. Students learn more by listening and actively participating than by simply taking notes. Whenever possible, we use audio-visual aids. Throughout the session, we check for their understanding.

On-Job Learning-lab sessions:

“We forget what we hear, we remember what we see, and we understand what we do.” Our programs revolve around “doing.”
We integrate our sessions with Lab practice in our round the clock Lab facilities with our coordinators to assist them, thereby giving the students an environment to implement their theoretical knowledge. This methodology results in more of practical learning and implementation than rote learning.

Awareness Generating – industry interactions:

From time to time, we conduct seminars wherein we call industry experts to hold discussions with our trainees to enlighten them on the industry requirements. We also hold sessions to update them with new technologies and technical happenings.

Self-learning – Training Materials & POCs:

Self-learning is the key to Self-Development, through which the students are able to instill confidence in themselves and realize their true potential. Through our training materials, we facilitate them to update and stay abreast with the latest technologies.

Training Programmes at our campus:

This is a custom-made training program to suit the aspirants from different educational backgrounds held at our campus. We are renowned around the world for this training where every aspirant attends technical sessions discussing every facet of the subject in comprehensive detail on varied technologies. Every aspirant will be provided with hands-on experience through a number of lab assignments and case studies thereby making them more employable.

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