IoT Overview

IoT Overview

Have you ever imagined computer machine, online device, digital machines and other objects could ever interacting with each other and exchanging information? Well, that seems to be the possibility these thanks to advanced technology. Internet of Things is nothing but a combination of computer machines, online devices and others objects in real life that are interacting with each other and exchanging information. In simple words, you can describe Internet of Things as connected physical objects that can interact with each other over the internet. Let’s read about the Internet of Things and how it’s changing the landscape of the computer industry.

What is an Internet of Things?

Internet of Things is nothing but physical devices connected to a network. Here physical devices might include everything that everyone uses in daily life, for example, mobile or Smartphone, washing machine, coffee vending machine, headphones etc. The basic idea behind IoT is to connect various devices (either switch off/on) to the Internet.
Internet of Things is futuristic and its aim is to develop computers that would know each and everything about things. Here things might be any physical devices that are connected to the network. With IoT connected physical devices could be tracked with one interface (supercomputer). Lots of time and cost of maintenance would be reduced.

What is IoT ( Internet of Things )?

Advantages of Internet of Things

Scope of Internet of Things

Basic agenda of IoT is to connect various physical devices to the Internet. With physical devices being connected to network makes it easy to control devices anywhere anytime. Various devices connected to the network can increase the efficiency of information gathering. IoT also helps to increase and safety standards as well. There are many advantages that have surfaced about IoT over the years, they are
  • Using Internet of Things to boost employee safety
  • Cognitive in-car companion (helps in gathering information about traffic, weather report etc)
  • Helps in environment forecasting
  • Using IoT for accessibility
  • Mesh network alerts for digital devices (gathering weather reports without being connected to Internet)
The concept of the Internet of Things looks quite bright. Though there are many challenges one might face. Why the hell you want to connect your coffee maker with your mobile phone. What happens if you fail to modify office requirements and IoT automatically sends a request for more products (you might not need those at present). Well, there are lots of questions that have to be answered about IoT. Despite some challenges, IoT might change the landscape of computer science. Let’s wait and try to understand what are the opportunities offered by IoT and many challenges that come with it.

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