Hadoop Admin Online Training

Hadoop Admin Online Training

Hadoop Admin

About Hadoop Admin Online Training

Hadoop is an open source framework. It usually helps in storing and processing the large volume of data of data having different formats using multiple components. It is highly scalable without having any downtime. It can run on commodity hardware. This Hadoop Administration training helps the professionals to maintain large and complex Hadoop Clusters by Planning, Configuration, Installation, Monitoring, Backup, Performance Tuning, Troubleshooting, Security, etc. on Cloud Platform. Also, this course will be helpful who are interested in Hadoop Admin Certification.

Course Objectives

Hadoop Admin Course Objectives

After completion of the  Hadoop Course at Naresh I technologies, you will be expertise and eligible for:

  • Complete knowledge of Hadoop Architecture and End-to-End flow using multiple components.
  • Understand the fundamental concept.
  • Installation and Configuration of Hadoop.
  • Understand maintenance.
  • Understand HDFS features.
  • Able to do Cluster management with Hive, Pig, Sqoop, Flume, Impala, etc.

Who should go for this course

  • Any IT experienced Professional who are interested to build their career in Big data Analysts.
  • Any B.E/ B.Tech/ BSC/ M.C.A/ M.Sc Computers/ M.Tech/ BCA/ BCom College Students in any stream.
  • Fresh Graduates


The course can learn from any IT professional having basic knowledge of :

  • Linux Basics
  • SQL Data Base System Administrator

Course Curriculum

  • Why Hadoop?
  • Fundamental Concepts
  • Core Hadoop Components
  • Rationale for a Cluster Management Solution
  • Cloudera Manager Features
  • Cloudera Manager Installation
  • Hadoop (CDH) Installation
  • HDFS Features
  • Writing and Reading Files
  • NameNode Memory Considerations
  • Overview of HDFS Security
  • Web UIs for HDFS
  • Using the Hadoop File Shell
  • The Role of Computational Frameworks
  • YARN: The Cluster Resource Manager
  • MapReduce Concepts
  • Apache Spark Concepts
  • Running Computational Frameworks on YARN
  • Exploring YARN Applications Through the Web UIs, and the Shell
  • YARN Application Logs Hadoop Configuration and Daemon Logs
  • Cloudera Manager Constructs for Managing Configurations
  • Ingesting Data From External Sources With Flume
  • Ingesting Data From Relational Databases With Sqoop
  • REST Interfaces
  • Best Practices for Importing Data
  • General Planning Considerations
  • Choosing the Right Hardware
  • Virtualization Options
  • Network Considerations
  • Configuring Nodes
  • Advanced Configuration Parameters
  • Configuring Hadoop Ports
  • Configuring HDFS for Rack Awareness
  • Configuring HDFS High Availability
  • Why Hadoop Security Is Important
  • Hadoop’s Security System Concepts
  • What Kerberos Is and how it Works
  • Securing a Hadoop Cluster With Kerberos
  • Other Security Concepts
  • Configuring cgroups with Static Service Pools
  • The Fair Scheduler
  • Configuring Dynamic Resource Pools
  • YARN Memory and CPU Settings
  • Impala Query Scheduling
  • Checking HDFS Status
  • Copying Data Between Clusters
  • Adding and Removing Cluster Nodes
  • Rebalancing the Cluster
  • Directory Snapshots
  • Cluster Upgrading
  • Cloudera Manager Monitoring Features
  • Monitoring Hadoop Clusters
  • Troubleshooting Hadoop Clusters
  • Common Misconfiguration


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