Goals of Artificial Intelligence

Goals of Artificial Intelligence

AI can be achieved by reading the behavior of humans and using the outcome to develop intelligent systems. For example, how they learn, decide and work in certain situations. In simple works observing humans while problem-solving and using its results to develop intelligent systems.

Goals of Artificial Intelligence

  • In early days Artificial intelligence was used to develop reasoning and problem-solving skills.
  • With Artificial intelligence knowledge representation has become easy. Knowledge representation is representing information that machine or computer can understand.
  • Artificial planning helps agents sequence of actions to perform to achieve goals.
  • Artificial intelligence main goal is develop intelligent machines that could learn on their own. No more human intervention for feeding data to machines.
  • With artificial intelligence one can develop machines that can read and understand human languages are known as Natural learning processing. Thanks to natural learning processing acquisition of knowledge became easy.
  • Artificial Intelligence helps to develop that could act on sensors (take input from sensors) and react accordingly.
  • Robotics has transformed thanks to artificial intelligence, that help robots acquire intelligence and perform task smartly.
  • Develop systems that can recognize, interpret, process and simulate human effects. All these can be achieved when intelligent systems can predict their motive and emotions. Quality of interpreting human affect could help in better decision making

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

 Artificial Intelligence is difficult for beginners yet it offer great opportunities for developing intelligent machines that can transform computer science on its head.
  • Reduce human errors and perform various tasks with greater efficiency by using intelligent systems.
  • Intelligent systems can perform daunting tasks that are beyond human reach. For ex; exploring ocean, performing various hard laborious task with ease.
  • Lot of applications has been developed using artificial intelligence. iPhones Siri and Microsofts cortana developed on the phenomenon of artificial intelligence. These are interactive robots that help you access Smart phones.
  • With the help of artificial intelligence technology one can develop digital assistants that reduces man power. These assistants can perform tasks at amazing efficiency.
  • In medical field Radio surgery has been used for tumor treatments developed using artificial intelligence.
  • Use artificial intelligence and improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy of your products.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence looks promising and it’s quite futuristic. It’s being implemented slowly in many fields. There are many drawbacks of artificial intelligence, that are;
  • Artificial intelligence is slowly making its way into real time applications. AI offers great prospects but it’s really expensive. Small organizations can’t afford High end machines, softwares, resources required for implementing AI.
  • Artificial intelligent systems might replace humans in performing task in terms of productivity, but they can’t take decisions. Robots can’t decide what is right or what is wrong.
  • With intelligent systems, you won’t get creative with everyday experience. Humans tend to show creative ideas with every day experience.
  • Replacing humans with intelligent systems might increase unemployment that lead to poor GDP.
Artificial intelligence is making its way into everyone’s life. AI promises to be a trend setter for new advancements that are occurring in computer science industry. High expenses on research, systems, hardware might make it difficult for everyone to implement at full scale in our daily lives. Lot of research is going on in the field of AI to make it affordable.

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