Features of Internet of Things

Features of Internet of Things

Features-of-Internet-of-Things-NareshITInternet of Things is nothing but physical devices connected over a network. Physical devices might include everything that is used in daily life for ex; mobile or Smartphone, washing machine, coffee vending machine, headphones etc. Basic idea behind IoT is to connect various devices (either switch off/on) to Internet. In IoT devices communicate with each other.
Internet of Things is futuristic and its aim is to develop computers that would know each and everything about things (objects). Here things might be any physical devices that are connected in network. With IoT connected physical devices could be tracked with one interface (super computer). Lots of time and cost of maintenance would be reduced.

Features of the Internet of Things

  • Thanks to IoT devices that are interconnected can perform everyday tasks intelligently.
  • Integrate all the devices in network.
  • Reliable, secure and bi-directional communication between devices.
  • Seamless connectivity through wired and wireless devices.
  • Sensing technologies allow users to create true awareness of the environment. It reflects both physical world and people.
  • IoT helps in developing ecosystems that could help in energy harvesting. We can’t run devices with batteries all the time. Thus developing ecosystems is the need of the hour.
  • Interacting with the world where we live is important. IoT is the future of computer science that helps in interacting with data stored on the cloud.

What is IoT ( Internet of Things )?

Advantages of Internet of Things

  • IoT encourages seamless communication. With machine to machine communication, physical devices will be connected with true conspiracy.
  • Various devices in the Internet of Things are connected digitally with wireless infrastructure. Machines communicate faster with each other without human intervention.
  • Machines connected in IoT can communicate and learn on their own (exchanging information). This quality of  IoT devices make it simple to gain more information.
  • Centralized stored devices and single interface to monitor devices makes monitoring process simple and easy.
  • Lot of time could be saved with machines learning and gathering information on their own.
  • IoT devices help you save lot of time and money. Machines can communicate by themselves and perform tasks.

Disadvantages of the Internet of Things

  • In IoT lots of devices are interconnected. Compatibility will be an issue as there aren’t any standards for connecting various devices.
  • There are many chances of device failures. It makes it hard for seamless communication. This makes is hard to completely rely on IoT for performing tasks.
  • IoT devices being connected over a public network makes it difficult to maintain privacy of data being transmitted. Security measures are necessary for secure and seamless transmission of data.
  • IoT might used for delivering services like health, government etc. Safety of these services might be an issue as communication happens over a public network. Public networks are prone to cyber attacks.
  • Complexity is an issue that has to be addressed wide range of devices communicates with each other. Standards must be set solve complexity of IoT devices.
  • Everything is automated that makes it difficult to prioritize jobs. There might be scenarios we might not need devices to communicate.
Concept of the Internet of Things looks quite bright. Though there are many challenges one might face. What happens if you fails to modify office requirements and IoT automatically sends request for more products (you might not need those at present). Well there are lots of questions that have to be answered about IoT.

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