Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Small Business

Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Small Business

Technology has evolved over the years, with that curiosity for creating intelligent computer or machines has increased. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with creating intelligent computer or intelligent machines like human beings. Humans have developed super computers that can perform task at speed and great efficiency. Let’s read various effects of artificial intelligence on small business.

Effects of artificial intelligence on small business

  • Generally artificial intelligence is associated with machine learning that makes computer programs to learn on their own.
  • Artificial intelligence coupled with machine learning makes sense when enterprises try to take business to whole new level.
  • There are challenges while adapting artificial intelligence that are; expensive hardware required for implementing artificial intelligence and skilled professional required for working on AI.
Let’s see how artificial intelligence will have its impact on any kind of business.
Intelligent CRM
  • Being implemented artificial intelligence will have huge impact on Customer relationship management.
  • CRM systems are designed to stores information gathered from various mediums. This information could be used for lead generations.
  • CRM united with artificial intelligence help organizations record phone conversations, emails, social media posts and feedbacks and customer reviews.
  • These insights will help organizations to evaluate customers’ feedback and improvise marketing strategies and generate leads.
  • With AI enabled CRM organizations will have customers data that give them insight of their needs and marketing and sales team come up with strategies that satisfy customer needs.

Intelligent customer service

  •  For small business intelligent customer service might sound weird but quality of manpower customer service might get worse with high demands of customer retention and satisfaction.
  • Manpower customer services lag in quality and efficiency compare to automated customer services.
  • Customer services coupled with AI might help business organizations to deliver messages faster than ever.
  • Intelligent customer services can suggest or give automated answers and quickly deliver messages in seconds.

Artificial Intelligence for marketing

  • Laying out marketing strategies is quite a daunting task and it requires hell lot of effort and domain expertise to come up with feasible marketing strategies.
  • AI for marketing strategies will be beneficial especially for small organizations where budget is low compared to big enterprises.
  • Acquisio is an AI enabled marketing platform that helps you analyze advertising performance and give you best budget in terms of pay per click.
  • By using AI enabled marketing solutions small organizations could find best marketing strategies and reduce various cost involved in marketing.

Use AI for competitive edge

  • In order to survive market you must get competitive edge over hundreds and thousands of competitors.
  • Artificial intelligence powered competitive analysis tool will give that edge over millions of competitors globally.
  • Competitive analysis will give insight about competitors like what they are up to, prices changes and various marketing strategies.
  • Besides this valuable information it will give insight of competitors like their weakness, strengths that help small business organizations to adjust accordingly.
Artificial intelligence is the hot topic of Information technology. Its growing thick and fast and giving small organizations to figure out strategies that help them target huge customer base. Intelligent marketing help them workout simple methods for effective analysis. With AI based marketing you don’t need to hire data scientists and marketing professionals any more. Use AI based third party tools that are easy to use and get more result out of your marketing strategies.

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