AWS Solutions Architect Associate

Naresh IT Training Methodology


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Our AWS Solutions Architect Associate Objectives

  • Core infrastructure services discussion
  • Ensure data integrity and data security on AWS technology
  • Formulate solution plans and provide guidance on AWS
  • Design and deploy scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant systems on AWS
  • Decipher the inbound and outbound of data to and from AWS
  • Select the appropriate AWS service based on data, compute, database, or security requirements
  • Estimate AWS costs and identify cost control mechanisms
  • Identify the lift and shift of an existing on-premises application to AWS
  • AWS Architecture best practices


  • Absolute Beginners. No prior AWS experience is necessary.
  • Previous System Administration/ Development knowledge would be an added
  • Cloud Computing enthusiasts

✍️ AWS Solutions Architect Associate Syllabus


Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • Introduction to cloud computing
  • Essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing
  • Service Models in Cloud computing
  • Deployment models in Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to AWS
  • AWS Account creation & free tier limitations overview

Identity Access Management

  • Root Account Vs IAM user
  • Multi Factor Authentication for Users
  • IAM Password Policies
  • Creating Customer Managed Policies.
  • Policy generator
  • Auditing User Activity


  • What is Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • Storage Classes
  • Versioning
  • Cross-region replication / Same Region replication
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Security & Encryption
  • KMS (Key Management Service)
  • Static Webhosting with S3 bucket
  • Events configuration on S3 buckets
  • Enabling cross account access for S3
  • S3 Data management and backup using 3rd Party applications.
  • Pre-Signed URLs
  • Storage Gateway
  • Direct Connect and AWS Snowball

Linux Introduction 

  • Basics of Linux for AWS
  • Linux Installation and Basic commands overview
  • Web Server and Services Configurations


  • EC2 Instance Launch Wizard with Windows and Linux OS
  • EC2 Instance Types
  • Generating custom Public Key and Private keys for EC2 instances
  • Security groups
  • Volumes and Snapshots
  • Amazon Data lifecycle manager (DLM)
  • Creating customised Amazon Machine Images
  • User Data and Metadata
  • Elastic Load Balancers
  • Creating Billing Alarm and EC2 instance alarms.
  • Auto Scaling Groups
  • CloudWatch
  • Amazon Eventbridge
  • Elastic File System / FSx
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • Placement Groups
  • AWS CLI and IAM Roles

AWS Systems Manager

  • Run Command
  • Session Manager
  • Patch manager
  • Tag Editor and Resource Groups
  • AWS Secrets Manager

Route 53

  • DNS Records overview
  • Routing Policies
  • Hosting sample Website and configuring Policies.
    • Simple RP
    • Weighted RP
    • Failover RP
    • Geo Location RP
    • Failover RP

VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

  • Networking Basics
    • Public IPs & Private IPs
    • CIDR Range
    • Subnet Calculations
  • Creating custom VPCs and custom Subnets
  • Network ACL’s
  • Route Tables & IGW
  • VPC Peering
  • Flowlog creation to S3 and Cloudwatch Logs Group
  • VPC Endpoints
  • AWS Transit gateway
  • VPN Configuration with AWS (OpenVPN/Site-to-site VPN)


  • Launching a RDS Instances (MySQL, MSSQL & Aurora)
  • Multi-AZ & Read Replicas for RDS instances
  • DynamoDB
  • Redshift and Elastichache overview
  • Database Migration Service

Security Options:

  • CloudTrail
  • AWS Config
  • Key Management Services
  • AWS Certificate Manager
  • AWS Inspector
  • AWS Trusted Advisor
  • AWS Global Accelerator
  • Content Delivery Networks / CloudFront
  • AWS Shield and WAF (Web Application Firewall)

Application Services

  • Simple Email Service
  • Simple Queue Service
  • Simple Notification Service
  • Directory Services and Adding EC2 instance to Domain
  • AWS Simple Monthly calculator

Migration Services

    • SMS – Server Migration Service (Migrating server from on-premises to cloud)
    • DMS – Database Migration Service

DevOps Tools Overview

  • What is DevOps in Cloud
  • Code Pipeline
  • Code Commit
  • Code Deploy
  • Lambda
  • Cloudformation
  • Amazon ECS with Fargate (Elastic Container Service)
  • AWS Backup

Monitoring on AWS:

  • AWS Budgets
  • AWS Cost Explorer
  • Creating Custom Metrics with CloudWatch

AWS Multi Account Management

  • AWS Organizations
  • Amazon Single Sign-On
  • Amazon White Papers review
  • Quiz and Scenario based questions discussion
  • Resume Key Points and AWS Certifications overview
  • Certification Exam Question while discussing topics

Get Skilled across the layers of AWS Cloud Services

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