AWS Interview Questions

AWS Interview Questions

Q1.What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the on demand delivery of IT resources provided by cloud service plat form.

Q2.What is EC2?

EC2 means Elastic Compute Cloud through which we can launch any number of servers at any point of time.

Q3.What is S3?

S3 means Simple Storage Service. It provides unlimited storage in the cloud.

Q4.What is IAM?

IAM means Identity & Access Management through which we create users, groups and can assign permissions to those users and groups.

Q5.What do you mean by VPC?

VPC means Virtual Private Cloud. It is a logically isolated section in cloud where we define our rules. VPC consists of public and private services.

Q5.What is Route-53 in AWS?

53 is a DNS port number. By using Route-53 we can purchase domains in cloud.

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Q6.List of RDS services in AWS?

  • AWS supports
  • SQL
  • MySql
  • Oracle
  • Postgre Sql
  • Maria DB
  • Amazon Aurora

Q7.What is SNS in AWS?

It is Simple Notification Service. By using which we can send cloud notifications.

Q8.What is Cloud watch?

It is a monitoring service through which we monitor AWS resources.

Q9.What is EFS in AWS?

EFS means Elastic File System. We can create EFS and can attach to multiple EC2 machines.

Q10.What is trusted advisor?

It is a service in AWS which scans your entire AWS account and provides free advises.


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Q11.What is volume in AWS?

Volume is a storage that we attach to EC2 machines. We can attach any number of volumes to EC2 machines.

Q12.What is snapshot in AWS?

Snapshot is a backup copy. From once snapshot we can create any number of volumes.

Q13.What is Load balancer in AWS?

Load balancer distributes web traffic to web servers and also checks the heath of web servers.

Q14.What is Auto scaling in AWS?

Auto scaling launches servers automatically based on Load without human intervention. When Load is less Auto scaling automatically terminates machines.

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