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Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

Which of the following language is not supported by Selenium PHP C# ASP Java Ans – ASP Which of the following is false in case of waitFor command? waitForAlertPresent waitForTextPresent waitForFramePresent waitForPageToLoad Ans – waitForFramePresent JXL/POI jar files are required to ________. Requires to verify conditions In order to use Microsoft Excel files as data source In order to data drive our test All of the above Ans – In order to use Microsoft Excel files as data source How to create an instance of WebDriver? WebDriver driver = FirefoxDriver(); WebDriver = new FirefoxDriver(); WebDriver driver = CreateObject FirefoxDriver(); WebDriver driver [...]


Selenium WebDriver Methods

Syntax for WebDriver Methods Creating New Instance Of Firefox Driver – this will open an new Empty browser WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(); Command To Open URL In Browser driver.get(“”); This syntax will open specified URL of software web application in web browser. Clicking on any element or button of webpage driver.findElement(“id of any element or button”)).click(); Store text of targeted element in variable – This will retrieve text from targeted element of software web application page and will store it in variable [...]


Go Programming Online Training

About Course Course Objectives Course Curriculum Training Features FAQs Reviews Go programming languge is a procedural language.It was launched in 2009 but it was developed in 2007 at Google by Robert Griesemer, Ken Thompson and Robert Pike.In [...]


Angular 10 Online Training

About Course Course Objectives Course Curriculum Training Features FAQs Reviews What are the Angular 10 Online Course Objectives? INTRODUCTION TO TYPESCRIPT Introduction to Typescript JavaScript & Typescript NAMESPACES AND MODULES Namespaces and multiple files Loading modules OOPS IN TYPESCRIPT Classes, Class properties, Static Properties Constructors, getters [...]


AWS Interview Questions and Answers

Name AWS Pricing Model? Pricing Models in Aws are : Reserved Instance On demand Instance spot instance Amazon Web Services comes under which cloud-computing ? AWS falls Under Infrastructure as a service cloud-computing category. Name of Amazon’s tech support and consulting business? AWS Premium Support Some AWS services which are not region-specific? List of some AWS services that are not region specific are as follows: a. Cloud front b. Route53 c. web application firewall d. IAM Are both Solaris and AIX Operating systems are available with AWS? No,both Solaris and AIX operating systems are not [...]


ReactJS Interview Questions and Answers

ReactJS Interview Questions and Answers 1) What is React ?? ReactJS is the Client Side Javascript Library. ReactJs given by facebook. ReactJS used to simplify the complex UI. By using ReactJS, we can split the complex UI to multiple     executable solutions. Each executable solution called as component. Components are the building blocks of any React App.ReactJS is component based Library. We can reuse the components in ReactJS React’s one-way data binding keeps everything modular and fast. ReactJS is not a MVC Framework. ReactJS is the View in MVC. 2) [...]


Python Interview Questions and Answers

Python Interview Questions and Answers   What is exception object? If exception has raised with in the logic, an object will be created with the complete information of error to be handled is called “Exception object”. Describe except block? Except-block contains exception handling logic. Except block executes only if an exception has risen in try block. What is the need of finally block? Finally, block contains resource releasing logic. It is recommended to shutdown(release) the resources properly after use in the application. What is the main advantage of [...]


Python Interview Questions

What is Script? A program that serves the application (Standalone or Web) that was developed using another programming language. Script is a set of instructions that will be interpreted. Script carried out by another program rather than by the computer processor. Why Python programming language? Every programming language has its scope. Different programming languages used for different types of application development. Python script analyzes the data effectively using its pre-defined functionality than other programming codes. Python can be used in web development, Gaming development, Embedded System [...]


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