Artificial Intelligence Online Training

Artificial Intelligence Online Training

About Artificial Intelligence Online Training

Artificial Intelligence is an intelligence of humans with the automation process by machines. This process include knowledge, learning, reasoning, problem-solving, planning, self-correction and perception that work and react like humans. This IoT Online Training is provided by Real-Time Experts with Real-Time Scenarios.

Course Objectives

Course Objectives:

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • To design and build own intelligent agents and their applications
  • To understand the functions and operations of TensorFlow
  • To learn the concepts and principles of Machine Learning and its usage
  • Implementation of Deep Learning functions over TensorFlow and analyzing the results
  • To learn more about major applications of Artificial Intelligence across wide range of fields like financial services, healthcare and customer services etc.,


  • Basic knowledge over algorithm functioning, statistical methods and analytical capabilities are helpful to learn this course

Who should do this course?

  • Anyone who are looking forward to make their career path in Artificial Intelligence can take up this course

Course Curriculum

Artificial Intelligence Online Training


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Training Features

Instructor-Led Training Sessions

We believe to provide our students the Best interactive experience as part of their learning

Expert Trainers

We Constantly evaluate our trainers and only the “Best” Provides the Training

Flexible Schedule

Do not hesitate to ask… because we will work according to your calendar

Industry Specific Scenarios

Students are provided with all the Real-Time and Relevant Scenarios

e-Learning Sessions

Online training sessions are held Live and we provide students with the Training Videos

24/7 Support

No Problem@ all…!!! Your Question will be answered by Us at any Hour of the time

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